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Region 2 Jr/YRs

Monday, April 25, 2005

1:15PM - Support us!

The Region 2 Young Riders are holding benefit auctions on Ebay to fundraise for our NAYRC team. We'll have items up all summer, and some of the current items need photos, but check 'em out, and bidBidBID!

If anyone is interested in seeing photos of the vests, I have them; hopefully our "auctioneer" will put them up today, but I can email them to anyone who wants to see them.


Monday, August 16, 2004


So... the trouble with a blog is that you need internet access to make it work, and we didn't have any this week. I'll try and write a little review of the week as a whole soon - right now I just want a long nap and some thick, cheesy pizza.


Sunday, August 8, 2004

5:50AM - On The Scene Coverage

Katie and I arrived on the scene yesterday, and our respective horses settled in great. Actually, Don was a bit of a stinker for a while, because he and Billy are stabled in different places, and I think Don got lonely. At any rate, they all worked great - I got to watch Katie's lesson with her trainer, whose name I will butcher if I try to spell it - and they all seemed very cool about the whole process.

It's still very quiet up there - I think Regions 7, 3, 6 and 9 are here, or at least partially here, and beyond that there's only a handful of eventers and the Mexican Jumping Beans Team, who have their own garden area set up outside their stalls, complete with cedar wood chips. Ah, Young Riders.

I know that my pals from Region 8 move in this morning, and I'm sure most of the other long-distance travellers will probably do the same, so today will probably get a little crazy. Our missions for the day: obtain golf cart, set up tack curtains, and hassle Howard, the show manager/Young Rider Demigod into letting us school in or around or near the showring. Might be an uphill battle, but we've gotta try.

Saturday, August 7, 2004


We're off to the show! I'm so excited!

Billy worked great yesterday, as did Don, my youngster who is coming with to take part in the Mills Team Challenge. The weather is cool(er), my stuff is (relatively) clean, I'm (almost) well rested... off to the races!

Also, my shoulder has decided to cooperate, so I'm feeling much better. I still have a hard time pushing with it, but fortunately, there's not a lot of pushing with one's arms required in this sport.

Today, all we have to do is show up and make the boys comfortable, which is nice. Then we have two more whole days to do nothing but relax before the storm, time I appreciate with Billy who settles into a place the more he's there. And he's been feeling so good lately that I can't help but have good vibes. Don is settled by nature, but it's been fun really cleaning him up. When we found him a year ago as a green-broke 9-year-old (oy), I never imagined him coming to an international show. My little man, all grown up!

I'll be at home for the next two days; after that, I'm hoping our hotel has internet access so I can tie down the other girls and make them write keep y'all posted.

Thursday, August 5, 2004


So... I fell off yesterday. No, I got launched yesterday. The lovely weather Alison mentioned has made all the ponies go a little bananas, and I was stretching out my gargantuan Holsteiner, L'Etoile, and he let loose with this buck and twist routine, and I was GONE. At least he had the courtesy to stop and not step on my head.

I am fine, which is good, although I was bullied into going to the doctor this morning, which ended up being this ridiculous several-hour ordeal where I ended up at the hospital being asked by a very nice (and not terribly bad looking) resident - "So, what, exactly, is wrong with you?"

Well. A lot, really, I said.

I've been diagnosed with a "contusion" (trans: the squishing of soft tissue), several "strains", and a "bruised ego" (technical term). The treatment: lots of happy Motrin, and trying to stay on the dang horse next time. For the record: I got back on and finished my ride. Also, I wasn't wearing a helmet, so shame, Shame, SHAME on me. I could hear Lendon Gray hollering at me in my sleep last night, so I'm back in my brain bucket today.

Billy, in contrast to his larger and snarkier counterpart, has been working very well and has been largely behaving himself, although he got a little squirmy with the "cold snap" too. He's entitled, I think - at least he doesn't buck me off. I pulled out his sheet, which he doesn't like, which makes no sense - if you were cold, wouldn't you want to stop being cold? Goof.

Speaking of the Billinator, he had a "Day Of Beauty" today, which involved a lot of tranquilizers so I could clip his little nosie and earsies. He looks very pretty, although I'm sure that he woke up and, furious, made a mess of himsef in protest. My young Hanoverian, Don, who is coming to NAYRC for the Mills Team Challenge (yay!) also got a good scrubbing today - he's got this funny skin flaking thing going on, which makes me nervous, but he doesn't look exorbitantly ugly. A fungus only a mother could love?

Current mood: everyone loves Motrin.

Wednesday, August 4, 2004


There are exactly 6 days until the NAYRC officially begins at Tempel Farm, and although that's kind of far away to predict the weather, it's suppose to be GORGEOUS.. 70's and sunny! Let's just hope that the "typical" Tempel weather doesn't show its ugly face.

My teammates have been working relentlessly trying to get tack shops and other cool stores to donate us anything they can. So far we've made out pretty well: browbands, saddle pads, polo wraps, blankets, breeches, and I even got Gatorade to sponsor us! It should be an exciting week!

Current mood: woo hoo region 2!


The boys all got yesterday off to recuperate from the clinic this weekend. It's also been ridiculously hot, so I'm sure they didn't mind a day to sleep in the muggy weather. It rained all night here, so it's much cooler - perfect for getting back to work.

I should have spent yesterday packing and getting ready, but I watched movies with my roommates instead. Ah, self discipline - what's that?

I've got a full week of work and class to finish; I'll pack up my stuff Friday night, the horsey stuff Saturday morning, and we're off to Tempel Farms Saturday at noon. And, as I promised Katie's dad, I've been religiously applying self-tanning foam to my translucent Rider's Legs in hopes of blending in with all the civilians. Takin' one for the team, guys.

In other news, Stace and I need to be on the lookout for Chicago Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper - he's trying to cramp our style.


Test post for Stacy.

Tuesday, August 3, 2004


The Countdown: 5 days until we hit the showground; 8 until the jog. Whee!

Speaking of the jog, I got our GORGEOUS browbands in the mail today from High Point Farm - they're going to look great. The donations are starting to come in, too - saddle pads, polos, Gatorade. No matter how well or badly we all do, at least we get neat stuff. :)

Monica Theodorescu, 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist on the German Team, gave a clinic this weekend, and Billy worked awesome. More importantly, I don't think I've ever ridden so well - she totally fixed my posture and my hands (or, rather, my wild elbows). She actually had me ride my other FEI horse, L'Etoile, with all my reins in one hand to get used to working from my seat and leg instead of my hands. It was really hard, but by the end we could do full pirouettes, half-passes and lines of 2s one-handed.

Even cooler - I'm going to work with her, in Germany, horses in tow, in exactly one month. Pinch me, please?

I'm so looking forward to YRs, which seems to be coming sooooo slooooowly. Need to do some laundry, too. Lots to do, lots to do.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

10:58AM - A legitimate entry.

Hello, sports fans. In the interest of showing my teammates what an (allegedly) good idea this is, I'm going to write a legitimate entry in it.

The Countdown: 10 days until we set foot on the showgrounds, 13 until the Real Shebang Begins. Oh, lawdy lawd.

It's actually a lot less stressful than last year, mostly because I have some idea about what to expect. There's also significantly less traveling involved - only an hour for us door-to-door, as opposed to last year's little drive of about 18 hours over two days. So if I forget my underwear, I can drive home and get some! Neato.

My horse, Bellinger, known to all as Billy, has been working well. Our biggest concern with him is keeping him relaxed and happy, and he seems to be both. I bought carrots yesterday at a farmer's market in the city - complete with leafy green tops - and they made. his. day. It's so easy to earn my horse's love.

My bigger source of stress is gearing up for our clinic with Monica Theodorescu this weekend. My trainer's wife, Mary, is doing most of the organizing, but there's a lot of little details to finesse like, for example, stabling. I'm more nervous about riding in front of one Olympian than five FEI judges - a sign of insanity?

Current mood: working



Current mood: apathetic

10:44AM - First post

Nothing to see here, move along, move along.

Current mood: accomplished